Optimized allocation planning for Janssen Pharmaceuticals

About Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the US-based pharmaceutical company, has a global supply network with production sites in Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and North America.



The challenge

The company had an organizational change from decentral supply planning to a global E2E planning optimization. Situations of supply shortages require efficient allocation management. The company lacked standardized processes and formalized decision-making required for allocation planning.


The project

EyeOn was requested to support Janssen in a 2-phase allocation planning set-up. First, setting up a standardized allocation planning process was addressed with one global approach for tooling used. After that, the team started to run the global monthly allocation planning cycle for an international brand and coordinate supply flows in the global supply network (15+ plants) for a period of 1 year.



The outcome of the joint effort was a standardized allocation planning process and alignment set-up and a smooth handover of allocation planning activities to the operational team.


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