We love to help

We use our passion and positive energy to make EyeOn more successful every month, every quarter, every year. We feel responsible to share the value we are creating with others and use it for good causes.

In 2021, we established the EyeOn foundation. It aims to facilitate EyeOn-ers to engage in activities that serve a good cause. Our employees are encouraged to suggest causes that they care for. Representatives from the different EyeOn teams and countries form the advisory board. The resources of the EyeOn foundation come from the value created by EyeOn. 100% of this money goes to the social purposes of the EyeOn foundation.


Supporting social improvements

We support projects that lead to demonstrable social improvements (for example in the field of waste reduction, aid to NGOs, sustainability, etc.) by:

  • Supporting EyeOn-ers that initiate social initiatives
  • Using our knowledge, skills and tools in the field of forecasting & planning for projects of non-profit organizations with a social purpose.

Predicting the future – forecasting – is one of our core expertises. With the EyeOn foundation we aim to go one step further, we want to impact the future. Or as Gandhi put it, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

For a better world

Our projects & initiatives

Supplying food to Ukraine

The EyeOn consumer products team reached out to their contacts to collect food and the EyeOn Foundation donated money for buying food at Makro to ship to Kharkiv.

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EyeOn Croy Nightrun 2022

Every year we host a Nightrun to collect money for charity. This year for Stichting Leergeld, which financially supports children to participate in society.

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Donating urgently needed medical supplies to Ukraine

With the support of our professional network, EyeOn purchased medical supplies that are urgently needed in Ukraine to save lives.

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EyeOn sport challenge: climb for Qhubeka

For the EyeOn sport challenge our employees climbed the Vaalserberg in five hours as many times as possible to raise money for Qhubeka charity.

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Inventory management for medical supplies at Red Cross

Our planning & forecasting specialists worked together with the Red Cross team on several topics.

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EyeOn consultant exercises for 24h to raise money for thyroid cancer research

Eelco Franckaert exercises 24 hours non-stop to raise money for research into thyroid cancer.

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EyeOn joined the foundation ‘Samen tegen Voedselverspilling’

‘Samen tegen Voedselverspilling’ (together against food waste) focuses on preventing, reducing and adding value to food waste throughout the food chain.

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EyeOn sustainability week

Zero waste week is an international campaign to raise awareness for sustainability and share ideas about reducing waste.

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Practical information

  • RSIN: 863950930
  • Contact information: Croylaan 14, 5735 PC Aarle-Rixtel, foundation@eyeon.nl
  • Download the Foundation Policy Plan
  • Deed of formation
  • EyeOn Foundation Annual Report 2022/2023
  • Bank account: NL16 RABO 0319 6958 59 in the name of “EyeOn Foundation”
  • Foundation board members within EyeOn:
    • Zoë Connell
    • Bram Kurstjens
    • Enrique De La Fuente
    • Alvaro Tudanca
  • In accordance with article 7 of the articles of association, the members of the board do not receive any remuneration for their work for the Foundation.
  • The EyeOn Foundation is acknowledged by the Dutch Tax Administration as an ANBI (‘institution for general benefit’).

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