Life science cases

Enable vaccine ramp up through APS roll out for Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Looking at a steep ramp up of manufacturing output, the Janssen Vaccines Launch Facility needed to identify and address bottlenecks, develop fast scenarios and integrate with departments and suppliers.

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Optimizing the supply chain network for Mediq

Mediq requested support with optimization of the product flows between the European warehouses and worldwide suppliers. EyeOn created an simulation tool to accurately reproduce their supply chain behavior, allowing them to test a wide variety of scenarios.

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Optimized allocation planning for Janssen Pharmaceuticals

After changing from decentral supply planning to global E2E planning optimization, Janssen was lacking standardized processes and formalized decision-making. EyeOn helped setting up a standardized allocation planning process.

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Understanding essentials with better insight and tools for Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

EyeOn provided a global insights platform where supply chain professionals and management can analyze data and key performance indicators. It enables the business to reduce inventory and increase availability for the customers.

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Supporting Aspen with planning activities

EyeOn supported Aspen with multiple planning activities during a large scale SAP implementation: support with master data design and collection, cut-over, go-live and hypercare activities.

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Scrutinizing processes and systems for BioMarin

An organisation-wide project focusing on assessing planning processes, knowledge, systems and data at Biomarin. Multiple workshops and interviews, stakeholder alignment. In preparation of the implementation of an APS.

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Insights into S&OP forecast assumption changes for Amgen

To address the challenges of medicine demand forecasting EyeOn created a database and input method that allows keeping track of all forecast assumption changes.

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End-to-end insights and RPA to optimize planner value add​

EyeOn supported the customer in developing and maintaining global end-to-end insight reports. Together with the customer we automated routine activities with RPA algorithms, allowing the planners to focus on activities where they add most value.

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Planning for a better future together

This is EyeOn life science

  • Focus on pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices & animal health industry
  • Planning specialists who understand the life science complexity e.g. CDMO collaboration and clinical processes
  • Diverse and complementary team of consultants with 10 different nationalities and various backgrounds
  • Strong presence in the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, and the US.

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