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Offering overview

Business consultancy

Better planning and control processes result in more reliable plans, more accurate control, and more efficient ways of working.

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Data science

We apply data science to planning and forecasting to help you make better decisions, faster.

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Planning solutions

Improve supply chain responsiveness and efficiency through fit-for-purpose planning systems, visual insights, and smart automation.

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Planning services

Robust, repetitive outsourced services focused on high quality forecasting, inventory and actionable insights.

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Deepen your knowledge, improve your skills, and learn from industry best practices.

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Excellence in forecasting and planning

We implement concrete improvements with proven return on investment for our clients. EyeOn offers a broad range of services to improve your businesses’ forecasting and planning.

Thought leader

Based on our expert vision and proven experience we set new standards. We design and implement advanced solutions for complex challenges. To remain innovative, EyeOn is continuously involved in research projects with leading universities across Europe. We are connected with business schools, education institutes, and industry platforms for regular lectures and assignments.

Impactful improvements in practice

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