Powerful learning experience​

EyeOn offers multiple serious business games to facilitate interaction, communication and effective learning.

  • Stimulate (x-functional) collaboration 
  • Boost team feeling
  • Have fun!

Serious gaming

Our games provide a safe environment to learn by doing; they are based on the specific rules, structures, and objectives that characterize forecasting and planning in large organizations. EyeOn business games are suited for small as well as large groups. The games can be played stand alone, but often are integrated in an inspiration or training workshop.

Impactful business games in practice

Implementation of full global S&OP process

A leading global manufacturer of animal processing equipment, wanted to implement a full global S&OP process to support their international growth, whilst ensuring the high customer service level and reliable delivery times.

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Forecasting sales patterns for capacity planning

A leading global manufacturer of animal processing equipment needed a good insight in capacity requirements for production and engineering on the tactical horizon based on sales information.

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Inventory reduction by multi echelon optimization

A leading flavor and fragrance producer with complex inter-company good flows and a high level of dependencies asked EyeOn to further optimize inventory settings in their supply chain.

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Optimizing the supply chain network

Mediq requested support with optimization of the product flows between the European warehouses and worldwide suppliers. EyeOn created an simulation tool to accurately reproduce their supply chain behavior, allowing them to test a wide variety of scenarios.

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Collaborative inventory management

EyeOn created an insights dashboard to help Heineken improve the cooperation with their largest customers. This project mainly focused on the data aspect of supply chain collaboration.

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