Data science, à la carte

Sometimes your challenge is so unique, it requires a specific mix between data science expertise and supply chain expertise that only EyeOn data scientists possess. It could be end-to-end optimization of your value chain, multi-echelon inventory optimization across hundreds of thousands of SKUs, or a product group that keeps defying the forecast. Our data scientists love nothing more than picking up the glove on a challenge like this.

How we can help

Enhance your forecast with demand drivers

In a world full of data, use it to your advantage. Make informed decisions with driver-based forecasting

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Inventory menu card

Find the optimal balance between service and costs! Choose from our inventory menu: from insights to full control.

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Optimized supply planning parameters

Explore better ways of using your bottleneck resources to optimally serve your customers.

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Optimize supply chain network

Optimize allocations supply to demand considering available assets and capabilities (both production and distribution).

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Digital ecosystem

The development, integration, and connectivity of fit for purpose digital capabilities & solutions in a digital ecosystem.

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Balance the value chain

We support you through valorization modelling and by setting up a digital twin to find your optimal balance.

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Other data science offering

Quantitative assessments

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Interim data analysts

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Self-service apps

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