Create transparency, drive efficiency

Data is extremely valuable and everywhere nowadays. How do you make sense of the massive amounts of data in different formats and from messy sources, using different technologies? Our interactive dashboards help you to explore large datasets in a transparent, efficient, and time-relevant manner.

Actionable dashboards

Our powerful visualizations will turn your data into actionable insights that facilitate both planners and managers to focus and take high quality decisions, faster. Do you make data driven decisions with confidence? Take a look at some of our forecasting and planning interactive dashboard demos for inspiration.

Our demos

Demand insights

Focus on the part which needs most attention.

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CPFR insights

Is ‘big data’ a ‘big deal’?

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Inventory control

From high level view to item inventory.

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Capacity planning

Visualizing your project’s capacity.

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Project planning

Following the project progression curve to success.

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Sustainability dashboard

Making your largest waste contributors visible.

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Other services

Planning solutions

We address your challenges with customized, tool-independent solutions, delivering fast results

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Planning Services

Robust, recurring outsourced services focused on high quality forecasting, inventory optimization and actionable end-to-end supply chain insights

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Interim planning

We help you deal with your operational planning challenges to get back on track again.

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Data science

We apply data science to planning and forecasting to help you make better decisions, faster.

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