From raw data to a better view on the future

We can help you improve your planning decisions anywhere on the spectrum from quick-wins to industry-leading advanced data science projects. EyeOn is experienced in data handling, modelling, visualization, and interaction with a wide variety of technologies. The chances are very high, if you work with a tool, we have worked with it too.

Our tools and technologies

EyeOn solves your data science challenges in Honeycomb, our data science platform built on Dataiku technologies. To enable our industry-leading forecasting and inventory management approaches, we developed our own proprietary plugins. Honeycomb simplifies collaboration and enables us to run data science projects quickly, effectively, and at the highest quality.

Our offering

Quantitative assessments

Explore how advanced analytics can improve forecast quality and inventory levels.

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Tailored optimizations

Solve your unique, pressing supply chain challenge in a custom-defined project.

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Interim data analysts

Bring the EyeOn data science expertise in-house.

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Self-service apps

Use our off-the-shelf forecasting and planning applications powered by EyeOn’s data science experts. 

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