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Our human thought processes lean heavily on cognitive biases. Latency is becoming an ever bigger issue in decision making: When an event occurs, we need to prepare data for analysis and deliver it to the right stakeholder, so they can decide which action to take. Every minute lost in this process reduces the impact of the eventual decision. Robust data flows, advanced analytics and live dashboards minimize this decision latency.

EyeOn can perform quick but in-depth scans of your forecasting process or your inventory position. Providing you with reports on your performance – both absolute and in comparison to your industry. This helps you to identify and implement quick wins. We are keen to help you improve your planning decisions anywhere on the spectrum from quick-wins to industry-leading advanced data science projects. You can count on us to run planning services for you on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to provide demand forecasts and required inventory levels.

Data science journey

Most companies go through similar data science journeys. Gartner characterized these stages as react – anticipate – integrate – collaborate – orchestrate. At each step, your organization’s data gains robustness, becomes more organized and so it grows in value and power. At EyeOn we are keen to help you progress along your journey, regardless of the stage you’re currently in.

This is Honeycomb

Our platform for forecasting, inventory optimization, and scenario analysis.

Our tools and technologies

EyeOn is experienced in data handling, modelling, visualization and interaction with a wide variety of technologies. The chances are very high, if you work with it, we have worked with it too.

Our platform, called “Honeycomb”, is deployed to solve your data science challenges. It is built on Dataiku, an industry standard data science platform. To enhance forecasting and inventory management, we created our own proprietary plugins. Honeycomb simplifies collaboration and enables us to run data science projects quickly, effectively and at the highest quality.

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Planning solutions

We address your challenges with customized, tool-independent solutions, delivering fast results

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Planning Services

Robust, recurring outsourced services focused on high quality forecasting, inventory optimization and actionable end-to-end supply chain insights

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Make sense of the massive amounts of data in different formats, from messy sources and using different technologies.

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