Consumer products in practice

Sweet spot and responsiveness

Fresh products rely on a well-managed supply chain. How to fine tune the replenishment parameters to have the optimum balance between availability and freshness, while avoiding food waste.

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Collaborative inventory management for Heineken

EyeOn created an insights dashboard to help Heineken improve the cooperation with their largest customers. This project mainly focused on the data aspect of supply chain collaboration.

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End-to-end planning transparency for Etos

EyeOn is creating end-to-end supply chain visibility for Etos, a Dutch drugstore chain, to minimize the risk of out of stocks with the ultimate goal to best serve their customers.

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Planning for a better future together

This is EyeOn consumer products

  • We serve FMCG, retail companies, and manufacturers of durable consumer goods.
  • Consultants with various backgrounds and experience within several types of consumer product companies
  • Strong advanced forecasting and demand planning proposition tailored to the CP market
  • More than 75 years of combined experience in the consumer products industry
  • Focus on food & non-food manufacturers and retail companies
  • A fun team with the drive to deliver and making change happen at our customers

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