Concrete improvement potential

In our quantitative assessments we turn your data into insights and identify your improvement potential. When we evaluate forecast quality, we demonstrate the potential of statistical and advanced forecasting, and investigate the effectiveness of the enrichments your planners are making today. When we assess your inventory parameters, we look for ways to reduce the working capital tied up in stock, while keeping (or improving!) customer service levels.

In each report we share best practices in the relevant domain and, together with you, look forward on your unleashed potential.

Our offering

Statistical forecast scans

Get insight into the forecastability of your business and the improvement potential of your forecast accuracy and bias.

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Stock right-sizing analysis

Your stock levels (service levels) are too high (low) and you don’t know what are the drivers for right-sizing stock levels.

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Tailored optimizations

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Interim data analysts

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Self-service apps

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