Identify improvement needs

In the past 20 years, EyeOn developed multiple benchmarks and expert capability assessments for forecasting and planning. We take into account your company profile, supply chain set-up and dynamics, and market complexity when identifying concrete improvement opportunities.

Clear priority setting

We always assess your forecasting and planning capability on 4 dimensions: process, organization, tools, and data. We list potential  improvements mapped in terms of business impact and required implementation effort. Together with you, we identify the quick, short-term wins and advise on priorities for your mid-term capability building roadmap.

Our offering

S&OP / IBP diagnostic

We assess your S&OP process by looking at the maturity and the quality of your process based on two frameworks.

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Forecasting and demand planning assessment

We outline your path to effective demand management with our quantitative and qualitative assessment.

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Supply planning assessment

We review your supply planning capabilities and maturity level and identify concrete steps to optimize your supply chain.

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Center-of-excellence benchmark

Get insight into maturity and effectiveness of your CoE for forecasting and planning.

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Inventory management assessment

Identify the maturity of your inventory management process and identify potential improvement areas.

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