High tech cases

Implementation of full global S&OP process

A leading global manufacturer of animal processing equipment, wanted to implement a full global S&OP process to support their international growth, whilst ensuring the high customer service level and reliable delivery times.

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Redesigning statistical forecast

EyeOn supported a multinational semiconductor manufacturer to redesign their statistical forecast based on an efficient process to quickly evaluate various scenarios in order to improve their lead times.

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Reduced lead times and increased competitive advantage for Damen Shipyards

When establishing a new department in Romania, Damen Shipyards encountered a lot of obstacles. EyeOn introduced anticipatory mid and long-term planning, enabling Damen to regain client trust in the yard’s ability to guarantee delivery times and budget.

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Capacity planning

Visualizing your project’s capacity

The capacity dashboard quantifies the number of resources being used, the resources remaining, and the opportunity to use such unused resources.

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Planning for a better future together

This is EyeOn high tech

  • Diverse team of experienced industry experts
  • Special expertise in service and spare parts management
  • Understanding of industry specific S&OP aspects
  • Thorough knowledge of capacity planning for equipment, engineering, and production resources
  • Expertise in integral supply planning: upstream, downstream, and collaboration between supply chain players
  • Experience with planning concepts such as configure to order, make to order, and make to stock
  • Focus on low volume/high value up to high volume/low value industries

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