Faster, data-driven decision-making

In the face of increasingly competitive market conditions, meeting service level targets requires effective demand forecasting.

The challenge often lies in efficiently converting data into actionable forecasts.

Smart-touch demand forecasting is powered by a deep understanding of demand drivers and leverages this knowledge to effectively balance human expertise and machine intelligence. 

Statistical forecasting

Statistical forecasting facilitates your first step toward effectively combining (wo)men and machines in your demand forecasting approach.

In this approach, demand planners first use statistical models to uncover hidden insights from sales history towards a baseline forecast.  

Manual or semi-automated enrichment processes ensure this baseline forecast is enriched with relevant information to achieve the desired forecast accuracy. 

Forecasting with AI/Machine Learning

AI or machine learning-based demand forecasting forms the ultimate smart-touch forecasting setup: (wo)men and machine collaborate effectively to ensure the highest possible forecast performance. 

In this setup, the machine is given a bigger role and the human focuses on adding value in specific cases.   

  1. Use the machine to automate the obvious
  2. Use the machine to recommend the probable
  3. Use the machine to flag where human intervention is needed.

The 4 principles of smart-touch forecasting

Motivation to use machines & data in demand forecasting

Believing in the impact of advanced demand forecasting

Creating an integrated forecast optimization plan

Establishing the continuous learning mentality

Motivation to use machines & data in forecasting

At the root of any change is the motivation to change. If you want change to happen, there must be a noticeable appetite to move to more advanced demand forecasting and leave old ways behind. You will see this in a cross-functional appreciation of forecasting, a willingness to work on improvement, and a general eagerness to look for new ways to improve forecasting quality. Because moving to advanced demand forecasting means increasing data sharing and collaboration, first look to increase intrinsic motivation throughout the organization. 

How we increase motivation
The forecast business game

Elevate your team's forecasting capabilities to new heights.

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In-company training

Customized learning and development programs adjusted to your team and your specific training needs.

Forecast & demand management masterclasses

Empower your planners with a masterclass on how to design and implement robust demand planning processes.

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Believing in the impact of advanced forecasting

Once people understand what advanced demand forecasting can look like, you need to make the benefits more tangible. When a planner sees the accuracy that can be gained by introducing statistics or machine learning, you have at least triggered belief. If I am going to start trusting a machine to do some of the manual forecasting work that I used to do, I want to be convinced that it can do the job, and I want to see what that means for my role as a demand planner. 

How we reveal potential
Fast forecast scan

Access insights into the forecastability of your business and the improvement potential of your forecast, backed by the latest in data science.

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Forecasting and demand planning assessment

Get a new roadmap to effective demand management based on a quantitative and qualitative assessment of your planning.

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Proof of concept

Our proof of concept provides an underpinned insight into the drivers for your demand and the forecast accuracy that can be reached with smart-touch forecasting.

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Creating an integrated forecast optimization plan

If there is enough conviction to move to more advanced demand forecasting, do not just start. Moving to more advanced demand forecasting means moving to more data collaboration. If not planned properly, this can result in new set-ups that lack data for forecasting, are underutilized, distrust forecast results, or are simply not understood.

How we drive results
Process design

We help you assess and re-design your E2E planning cycles with a focus on improved connectivity, agility and alignment with new digital capabilities.

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Tool selection & development

We implement agile and resilient tools to accelerate your business planning performance.

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Forecasting as-a-service

Let our experts take the lead, providing reliable forecasts for process optimization and decision support that instantly plug-in to your existing tools.


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