Let's do it!

Together we design your S&OP / IBP process by mapping the type of decisions, determining information needs, defining roles and responsibilities, and documenting process timelines, swim lanes, and standard agendas.

We validate the blueprint using test cases and help you run the first cycles.

Make the IBP cycle the number one business process

S&OP is a multi-disciplined approach to reach consensus and commitment on one Sales and Operations plan that drives the entire organization.

Agree on One Plan


  • Fixed cycle of meetings​ (exact set-up will differ per organization, but you can use the 5 step cycle as reference)
  • Fixed date and time of meetings​
  • Fixed set of participants​
  • Reviews by management​
  • Involvement of Executive management​

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We help you improve decision making and drive business performance by transforming your S&OP to IBP.

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