High quality decisions in this industry can only be taken when the software is able to integrate, process and visualize large volumes of data from different sources. EyeOn offers a variety of solutions to deal with this intricate and erratic market demand. One of the solutions that we created to support our customers is a demand planning model in Anaplan. Anaplan is a cloud-based platform that enables companies to smoothen the demand planning process as an alternative for traditional ERP solutions.

Anaplan is your cloud-based platform for connecting planning, enabling an integrated approach to make informed decisions and drive faster & more effective processes

Demand planning with Anaplan

The complexity of demand planning in the fast-moving consumer goods industry continues to increase. Product portfolios are constantly changing, markets are rapidly shifting. There is an increasing pressure on price and margins and there are unprecedented disruptive changes in the supply chain caused by external drivers. Anaplan facilitates the process of bringing together the right people and knowledge. Allowing you to make a realistic demand plan that considers all the elements that drive the demand.

  • Generate different views to facilitate interaction with other departments
  • Automated alerts to review the forecast
  • Focus on enrichment by minimizing the time spend on data preparation
  • Identifying the drivers of your forecast
  • Simulate the impact of changed to the demand plan
  • Integrating all available internal & external information

Want to learn more?

Curious to see an example how Anaplan enables real-time visibility in the demand planning process and creates the ability to identify the building blocks that drive the demand in a complex forecast process? Watch our video where we give a demonstration of demand planning with Anaplan.


The benefits of working with Anaplan

There are multiple benefits of working with Anaplan and the platform can be applied to any planning process. Models in Anaplan can be built from scratch, or extended and customized based on pre-delivered models. Typical cases of implementation are financial planning, sales & operations planning, forecasting, workforce planning and transportation planning. Anaplan is well recognized as one of the pioneers of connected planning and has been named as leader in the Magic Quadrant of Gartner for the SPM and financial planning platform.


Highly customizable to model your business
Create models without IT support
Data validation & alerts
Fast implementation
Present data in a comprehensive way

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