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Bringing machine learning alive: delivering the right message to the right person with Explainable AI

July 31, 2023

Explainable AI for demand forecasting: Harness supply chain data effectively and gain a competitive edge in unpredictable markets.

Nudging supply chain planners towards better performance

July 27, 2023

Are you looking to minimize human bias in your statistical forecasting process? This blog delves into combining statistical methods with enrichments to tackle challenges and say goodbye to inaccurate forecasts. Don’t rely solely on history — learn how to incorporate external info for accurate projections of upcoming promotions and market trends.

Unlocking the Power of Recurring Supply Chain Network Design

July 19, 2023

Uncertainties, evolving customer expectations, and sustainability concerns compound the complexity of remaining competitive for organizations. Regularly assessing and revising your supply chain network design is key to remaining competitive and agile.

Designing Sustainable Supply Chains

July 14, 2023
News Sustainability

In today’s rapidly changing world, the concept of sustainability in the design and management of supply chains has received considerable attention. In this blog post, we explore strategies and best practices for designing sustainable supply chains that drive positive change and contribute to a greener, more responsible future.

Striking the right balance between service and costs across your supply chain: unlocking the power of multi-echelon inventory optimization

July 12, 2023

Explore multi-echelon inventory optimization and how to successfully implement it to achieve higher levels of efficiency and profitability.

The supply chain game is on!

June 22, 2023

Serious (supply chain) gaming is becoming a popular mean to accelerate learning of demand and supply planners in a hands-on way.

Uniting forces for business success: EyeOn and OMP collaborate in end-to-end, transparent multi-echelon inventory optimization

June 22, 2023
Life Science News

In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, collaboration is often the key to achieving sustainable growth and staying ahead of the curve. Recognizing the power of collaboration, OMP and EyeOn have successfully joined forces in a recent multi-echelon inventory optimization implementation.

Optimizing your supply chain – The power of network design

June 15, 2023

With increasing network complexity and conflicting trade-offs, network design plays an increasingly important role. With a fit-for-purpose network, businesses can reduce not only overall costs but also improve service levels, reduce GHG emissions, and decrease risk exposure.

Pioneers in sustainability: Africa is the big challenge, we will have to invest there

June 13, 2023

In this interview, Kocken shares his unique perspective on global sustainability issues and the best solutions.

Pioneers in sustainability: Data is essential for our continuity

June 9, 2023

In this interview Renee Boerefijn talks about how to achieve the commitment to reduce GHG emissions: the transition to plant-based meat alternatives, renewable resources, and data-driven decisions.

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