SAP APO – what’s next?

Is your company’s planning cycle still relying on SAP APO? If so, then SAP’s decision to cease to support APO in 2025 (which is extended now to 2027) will likely feature prominently on your radar. While this may represent a major challenge for many organizations, it also provides a great opportunity to revisit your planning landscape and capitalize on advances in this domain over the past few years.

Unplugging SAP APO to your advantage

decision, adviceWhen SAP introduced APO in the ‘90’s, advanced planning system (APS) implementations were mega-projects with huge budgets and typically requiring long time-to-operate lead times.
Today, the prevailing wisdom is that companies must connect to the latest and greatest in forecasting and planning to be able to adapt to the changing dynamics in a more and more digitalized environment.

The options are endless, making it difficult to determine the right course of action. Should you transfer to SAP IBP, combined with the required SAP S/4 HANA, to double-down on your commitment to your one single vendor? Move to another APS suite covering all planning modules in one heavy solution? Or opt for a ‘new kid on the block’, offering cutting-edge solutions that promise the world, but aren’t yet backed up with track-record.
Either way companies face a long IT journey and must invest upfront time and energy and commit substantial capital expenditure.

The good news is, that in just a few weeks you can already get easy access to advanced analytics for your organization – freeing up bandwidth to absorb these insights and  further define and build the ideal planning landscape for your specific planning needs.

Here are two great options on how you can achieve this:

  • Connect with EyeOn Planning Services as a bridge solution
  • Build your fit-for-purpose planning modules in a planning platform environment.

Find more details in our publication or contact us to discuss with our experts which option best suits your business needs!

* SAP APO support has now been extended to 2027

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