Tuesday, 16th of November (Cork): Increasing your supply chain resilience & agility 

In recent years the importance of high-quality planning and forecasting processes to deal with supply disruptions has become ever more pressing. Are you also challenged to improve supply chain resilience while maintaining agility? At this event you will have the opportunity to get insight on inventory management best practices to get a grip on working capital and obsolescence, latest technologies capable of improving the link between manufacturing and supply chain and ways to approach a review of planning sensitive parameters to optimize your supply chain capabilities. In summary, an afternoon full of knowledge sharing, networking and inspiration that you do not want to miss! 

Thursday, 18th of November (Dublin): Boost your planning and forecasting performance by applying next level forecasting and integrated planning technologies, tools and processes 

Recent global crises have proven that the importance of high-quality planning and forecasting processes to deal with supply disruptions has become more pressing than ever before. As a result, supply chain transformation and digitalization have made it to the top of the boardroom agendas. In formulating your vision and implementation strategy you will be challenged to find answers to the following questions: how to grasp the benefits of advanced analytics, how to reach higher levels of integrated planning maturity making use of the latest technology stack, and what developments in artificial intelligence can be used to enhance forecasting processes. During this afternoon event we aim to share with you how latest innovations and industry best practices can help you find answers to these questions to boost forecasting and integrated planning performance. 

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The Netherlands:

  • Monday, November 15. in Eindhoven
  • Wednesday, November 17. in Amsterdam
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  • Tuesday, November 16. in Brussels
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  • Tuesday, November 16. in Zurich
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  • Tuesday, November 16. in Cork
  • Thursday, November 18. in Dublin
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  • Monday, November 15. in Frankfurt
  • Thursday, November 18. in Düsseldorf
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