Tuesday, 16th of November (Brussels): The future in planning and forecasting  

Technological capabilities have grown rapidly in the last couple of years. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can no longer be ignored. We will demonstrate how new techniques, such as driver-based forecasting and rubber-duck forecasting will prepare your company for the future. 

The uncertain COVID period has also shown that it is a balancing act to keep product availability high, inventories low and prevent excess & obsolete stock. Curious on how to keep your inventory healthy? Or how you can boost the performance of your APS system with the help of advanced analytics and lighten your load with the help of Planning Services.  

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Countries and dates

Find more details about all the events below (sorted by country). All events will take place from 12h00 to 18h00 (local time).

Meet your peers

The Netherlands:

  • Monday, November 15. in Eindhoven
  • Wednesday, November 17. in Amsterdam
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  • Tuesday, November 16. in Brussels
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  • Tuesday, November 16. in Zurich
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  • Tuesday, November 16. in Cork
  • Thursday, November 18. in Dublin
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  • Monday, November 15. in Frankfurt
  • Thursday, November 18. in Düsseldorf
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