Improving planning and forecasting performance in the digital era

The past year high-quality planning and forecasting has become more important than ever to deal with supply disruptions or to grasp new commercial opportunities. Improving planning and forecasting performance have made it to the top of many boardroom agendas. Answers are needed: “How to run an end-to-end transformation program?”, “Can we quickly implement planning systems?”, “How to valorize data?” and “How to quickly grasp benefits of advanced analytics?”.

From November 15. till 18. 2021 EyeOn is organizing Planning and Inspiration Days across Europe where business and thought leaders connect and discuss planning and forecasting challenges in the digital era.



Countries and dates

Find more details about all the events below (sorted by country). All events will take place from 12h00 to 18h00 (local time).

Meet your peers

The Netherlands:

  • Monday, November 15. in Eindhoven
  • Wednesday, November 17. in Amsterdam
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  • Tuesday, November 16. in Brussels
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  • Tuesday, November 16. in Zurich
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  • Tuesday, November 16. in Cork
  • Thursday, November 18. in Dublin
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  • Monday, November 15. in Frankfurt
  • Thursday, November 18. in Düsseldorf
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