Making your largest waste contributors visible

Sustainability principles are becoming an essential part of many companies’ strategy in order to achieve long-term business success. Our research has shown however that many struggle to translate their strategic sustainability goals into operational KPIs, and that the role of Supply Chain in creating sustainability benefits is still very limited.

This demo dashboard includes some examples of operational KPIs in the context of sustainability, and shows how insights can help you, as a supply chain leader, to prevent waste and obsoletes. It is a simplified version of a manufacturing company with 4 main locations and 4 main types of waste, of which the biggest drivers and potential root causes can be explored in the different tabs.

This dashboard should ideally be reviewed on a monthly basis in S&OP or IBP meetings, including different functions such as the sustainability leader, supply chain director and operations director in order to achieve better company-wide outcomes.


Not able to see the dashboard? Try using a different browser (Chrome is the preferred browser) or download a PDF of the dashboard here.

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