Better decisions, faster

Our human thought processes lean heavily on cognitive biases. Latency is becoming an ever bigger issue in decision making: When an event occurs, we need to prepare data for analysis and deliver it to the right stakeholder, so they can decide which action to take. Every minute lost in this process reduces the impact of the eventual decision. Robust data flows, advanced analytics, and live dashboards minimize this decision latency.

Advanced forecasting

In today’s dynamic and uncertain business environment, supply chain planning challenges continue to grow. Your portfolio is more complex than ever, consumer behavior is volatile, and you face growing pressure on price and margins. A planning system is not enough to address these challenges: you need the perfect mix of process and technology, be it classic timeseries, boosted regression trees, or neural networks. Only with that combination will you be able to understand and act decisively in this intricate and erratic market.

Inventory optimization

Your supply chains have become more complex, markets are increasingly volatile, and manufacturing output remains variable. Inventories are inevitable in the mitigation of supply and demand uncertainties. Reduce your exposure to risk and improve your organization’s responsiveness and flexibility with best-in-class inventory management. Find your optimal safety stocks across the entire supply chain (multi-echelon inventory models), synchronize cycle stocks with production schedules (production wheel optimization), or optimize strategic and anticipation stocks with our scenario analysis toolbox.

Honeycomb technology

Building on an industry-leading data science platform (Dataiku), we develop our own plugins that productize our decades of experience in solving data science challenges in the supply chain context. The aim is to strike the balance between ease-of-use and customizability if necessary; while robustness (obtained by a rigorous DevOps process) and speed (using technologies like Kubernetes) are a given. The result is a powerful set of technologies we call ‘Honeycomb’.

With experts across EyeOn using Honeycomb every day to serve our customers, we are also trusted advisers on our customers’ digital journeys and how systems of innovation like Dataiku are enabling data-driven cultures.


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