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As Product Owner for Forecasting you help us create an ever-better portfolio of products and innovations, focusing on demand forecasting. As EyeOn, we provide our customers a unique combination of in-depth industry knowledge and cutting-edge applied data science. As Product Owner, you drive productization, continuous improvement, and enrichment of our portfolio, all with the final goal of maximizing customer value. 

Your role as Product owner 

With EyeOn, the Product owner creates and executes on their 24-month roadmap, ensuring its coherence with the overall EyeOn strategy. You work with a team of clever and driven data scientists, that combine serving our customers with improving our product development.  

Highlights of 2021 for us are when we outperformed our customers’ manually enriched forecast with (advanced) statistics, when we together learned about the latest tools and technologies, when we applied LGBM in exactly the right context, and when we smoothly ran an automated daily forecast for one of our customers. 

In 2022 we’re looking forward to productizing our learnings from the past year into plugins, so that all Data Scientists and Planning Services Experts can benefit. We will also keep pushing for higher accuracy and lower bias for our customers. The goal is allowing our customers to optimally balance advanced statistical forecasts with expert planner insights. 

At EyeOn you will work with the latest techniques, solutions and insights in the field of planning and forecasting. As believers in the future where data is the core and most decisions are made by machines, we are constantly developing ourselves and the techniques and methods we work with. We challenge you to do the same.

Your primary work location will be at our customer locations and our office in Aarle-Rixtel, where our forecasting & planning knowledge center is located. We also have offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Geneva, Zürich, Dublin, Düsseldorf, and New York City.

Your responsibilities 

  • Create vision and the 24-month roadmap for forecasting in consultation with your stakeholders;
  • Execute on that roadmap by defining functional requirements, prioritizing the backlog, and validating business assumptions, all to maximize value for the end user; 
  • Work with the team of data scientists and in effective collaboration with the development lead; 
  • Help drive quality of execution in our customer projects; 
  • Be directly involved in cherry-picked advanced forecasting projects; 
  • Contribute to the innovative power of EyeOn and raise the expertise of EyeOn colleagues in your area.

 Your profile 

  • A completed university education and master degree in Operations Research, Data Science, Econometrics, Mathematics or similar; 
  • Relevant experience (10+ years) in supply chain planning and forecasting; 
  • Experience with agile product development, DevOps, or MLOps is a plus; 
  • You enjoy working with a team, believing 1+1>2 (by defining the right plus operator); 
  • You believe discussing with stakeholders is vital to pick the best way into the future, and you aim for productive discussions where all participants learn something; 
  • You enjoy translating complex practical problems into data science; 
  • Experience with programming, preferably in Python, is a plus; 
  • Knowledge of, and experience with typical data science techniques (eg., regression, classification, gradient boosting, math programming, machine learning); 
  • EU-working permit
  • Working location: Eindhoven

EyeOn Data Science  

In EyeOn Data Science we’re the best at helping our customers do better supply chain planning through data science. We make sure we stay the best by working together as a team, and by learning new things from each other and through our customer projects.  

We’re a young team with a passion for data science, using tools such as Dataiku, Python (pandas, numpy), Spark, PowerBI, Tableau, Jira, Bitbucket, and more. We are creative minds with a fascination for data. We believe in the digital transformation and a data-driven future.

Why work for EyeOn? 

  • Join a global team with experienced experts who are passionate about supply chain planning and data science.
  • Co-create solutions with creativity and innovation to solve tough business challenges for some of the world’s largest and most successful companies.
  • Work in a culture that blends the best entrepreneurial spirit with a healthy work-life balance.
  • Experience the freedom of deciding how you schedule your agenda, work and location in teams that operate with trust and autonomy.
  • Create your own personal development program with the counsel of our experienced experts and support from EyeOn.
  • Receive excellent employee benefits and perks, including bonus potential.

Answers to your questions

Inge Loog is available to answer any questions you may have about this role. Contact Inge at
An individual assessment is part of our selection procedure.

About EyeOn

EyeOn is a focused forecasting and planning consultancy with a global mission: getting business years ahead. What characterizes us is our expertise in planning processes, strength in project management and organizational flexibility. We realize concrete improvements in defined planning processes to establish more efficient processes and achieve better results.

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