How to eat an elephant: The recipe for starting driver-based forecasting

Are you ready to steer your business based on more precise forecasts but don’t know where to start? Creating a value-adding machine learning model can be challenging. In this blog we talk about the hurdles companies might face when implementing driver-based forecasting and how to overcome them.

how to eat an elephant, slice the elephantBefore we continue: This blog is only one piece of our extensive knowledge on driver-based forecasting. If you really want to dive into this topic, join us for our free live event about driver-based forecasting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on March 9, 2023

Now, let’s start with some facts: From a benchmark that we conducted in 2021 we know that while most companies are eager to start applying machine learning in the area of demand forecasting, only 10% are actually doing it. We further inquired what is stopping them: It turns out that tooling, knowledge, and having a solid business case are the biggest obstacles to moving forward.


Slice the elephant

As a first step you should ask yourself: “What will machine learning bring to my business?” Preparing a proper business case is crucial.

Luckily, that is something where EyeOn can be of help. We can build a proof-of-concept in a very short amount of time. Our data scientists build and apply machine learning models in a very pragmatic and robust way. The proof-of-concept offers you:

  • Quick insight into the value and relevance of your demand drivers on the forecastability of your business
  • The maximum forecast performance that can be reached by using driver-based forecasting
  • The quantified improvement potential of driver-based forecasting versus your current forecasting method (in efficiency and effectiveness), including a detailed benchmark of the driver-based forecast performance versus your current forecast performance

What you need for a proof-of-concept

Proof-of-concepts that we have executed in the past, show that a limited data set that is related to your most important demand drivers can already bring much value. Next to the most obvious data needed, such as historic demand, product and customer master data, it is critical to have your demand driver data available in a structured way for the same historic period. In case you do not have this data structured yet, our advice would be start as soon as possible. Finally, in order to provide you with a detailed benchmark, we would need at least one year of your forecast snapshots in order to give you a complete view on the potential of driver-based forecasting for your business.


Bon appétit

The proof-of-concept shows a great potential and you would like to grasp the benefits immediately? Our Planning Services team is ready to build and operate your driver-based forecasting process from the start. In the mean time we can work on getting your tooling and knowledge to the required level, so we can transfer the operation back to your internal organization.



Do you want to improve your forecast performance? Please contact us to see how driver-based forecasting can be of added value to your organization!


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