We designed the supply planning assessment to help organisations evaluate their overall supply planning capabilities and maturity level. This tool also highlights gaps between existing operating models and the best practices of the supply chain industry.

The assessment is an objective evaluation of customer’s supply planning process and doesn’t have an element of comparison of a customers with competitors, industry average practices, etc.

Based on expert knowledge

The main sources of the supply chain best practices are professional experience of EyeOn consultants and well known supply chain bodies of knowledge such as supply chain operations reference (SCOR) model version 12.0, APICS operations management body of knowledge (OMBOK) framework, etc.


The assessment process includes a series of interviews with supply planning professionals and relevant stakeholders from other functions across your organisation. These interviews are conducted by EyeOn consultants and are based on a customized questionnaire, tailored to your company and covering all aspect of your supply chain setup.

As a result of this assessment you will receive a custom-made report with a complete overview of supply planning practices and an assessment based on a two-dimensional model. This model will help you identify not only functional areas for potential improvement but also particular attention points within the organizational structure.

We look forward to supporting you in your supply planning improvement journey!

Find more information on our supply planning assessment in our leaflet or reach out to us directly.

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