Optimizing production plans is a complicated task for any operations manager. There are numerous challenges which need to be addressed. How can you optimize production without losing demand sensing? How long should a production cycle be? How to build an optimal production schedule? EyeOn can help you to solve this puzzle using a structured and comprehensive approach called ‘production wheels’.


Production wheels are most beneficial in industries with continuous manufacturing processes involving chemical and mechanical transformations, and where changeovers between products have a significant impact. These industries include but are not limited to production of industrial and decorative paints, processed foods and beverages, metals, paper and plastic packaging, fibers, carpets, glass, and ceramics.


Setting up production wheels can seem complex, but the benefits for planning and scheduling become evident very soon:

  • Improved operational output
  • Reduced change-over impacts
  • Optimized inventory levels
  • Not to mention the reduced overall supply chain costs!

EyeOn production wheel optimization toolkit

EyeOn developed a production wheel optimization toolkit that supports fast scenario-based planning and provides useful visual insights on your processes.Our industry experts will ensure smooth and efficient implementation.

Below you can see the results of one of our successful client projects where we implemented this approach. An outcome with significant benefits, both in terms of process efficiency and cost savings.

Please check this presentation for more information.

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New analytical approach for developing production wheels

Balance flexibility and stability in your production processes by using analytical models to design and optimize production wheels.

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