Assess your demand management capability

We help our clients with an objective assessment of their current demand management capability including the impact on supply planning and inventory management. The outcome of the assessment is a clear view of current strengths and weaknesses, identification of quick wins and a signed-off roadmap that describes concrete steps to improve the demand management capability.

Our approach

Depending on your needs, the assessment can entail of two components: A quantitative demand and forecasting benchmark based on a statistical data analysis, or a qualitative demand management review based on the actual state and interviews

To determine the key improvement opportunities our assessment approach has the following steps:

demand planning assessment: Quantitative demand forecasting benchmark / Qualitative demand planning review

  • Quantitative demand forecasting benchmark: We quantify the improvement potential versus current forecasting performance. Get fact-based insights into main demand characteristics and forecastability of your business, including the maximum forecast accuracy that can be reached using statistics.
  • Qualitative demand management review: We assess the “as-is” demand management process documentation, conduct interviews with key position holders to determine the current practice and maturity, and compare with industry benchmark and best practices.

demand planning assessment: Validation and improvement workshop

  • Validation and improvement workshop: We validate the findings of the review and benchmark with key stakeholders, identify quick wins together, and define the list of prioritized and concrete improvement steps.


demand planning assessment: Executive management: improvement roadmap

  • Executive management – improvement roadmap: We present the management summary of findings and recommendations, elaborate improvement proposal and roadmap with concrete next steps, and budget for implementation

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