The secret ingredient? Demand drivers!

Drivers are variables that have an effect on your demand. Traditional forecasting methods don’t take this data into account. With machine learning we can identify demand drivers for your business and use them to enhance the predictive power of your forecast. This approach is much more fact based, offers an automated way to get insights, and enables your planners to balance time and effort.

Our projects show that by applying driver-based forecasting we can improve the final forecast accuracy by up to 12% and can lower the bias to 2%.

Driver-based forecasting in a nutshell


Our offering

Driver-based forecasting proof of concept

Explore the potential of advanced forecasting with demand drivers in your business.

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Driver-based forecasting as-a-service

Proven driver-based forecasting that can be easily connected to running APS and ERP systems.

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Driver-based forecasting app

Coming 2023 Q1! Can’t wait? Contact us for more details:

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