Advanced forecasting as-a-service

9 December
  • 12 pm - 1 pm
Consumer Products, Life Science, Process, Webinar
Advanced forecasting as-a-service

In today’s supply chain data is everywhere. The volume of

In today’s supply chain data is everywhere. The volume of information is growing exponentially, but more information is not automatically better. There is a need to apply more advanced analytics to generate a reliable and more accurate forecast.

This is critical, because consumer behaviour is volatile on the short term due to events, promotions, or weather impact, and on the long-term macroeconomic drivers impact your demand. Including these drivers in your forecast will help you to deal with this intricate and erratic market demand. Using all that information in the forecast is no trivial task.

That’s why Planning Services provides robust, recurring advanced forecasting as-a-service. We leverage internal & external data and apply machine learning algorithms and advanced forecasting methods to accurately predict your demand.

In this webinar we explain how companies can take advantage of the latest machine learning techniques instantly, plugged-in to their current APS and ERP tools. Concrete customer cases demonstrate the tangible benefits that can be gained.

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