In today’s supply chain data is everywhere. The volume of information is growing exponentially, but more information is not automatically better.

Consumer behavior is volatile on the short term due to events, promotions, pricing strategies, or weather impact. On the long-term macroeconomic drivers impact your demand. You need to include these drivers in your forecast to be able to deal with this intricate and erratic market demand. Generate a reliable and more accurate forecast by applying advanced analytics.

EyeOn driver-based forecasting enables you to leverage internal and external data and apply machine learning algorithms to accurately predict your demand.

The goal of driver-based forecasting is to focus on the factors that are most likely driving demand. By using machine learning algorithms it is possible to identify key forecast drivers and to make them fact-based to contribute to the forecasting process. This enables you to generate forecasts that are based on historical data and forward-looking information. Business results prove the impact of driver-based forecasting:

10 %

improvement of forecast accuracy

5 %

reduction of forecast bias

3 %

improvement of service levels

Connect your data, discover & predict!

Get value from your data with machine learning algorithms. We understand that processes, data and tools are different for each company. EyeOn has a product offering that can help every company to take the next step towards driver-based forecasting. Find out how we can help you!

Advanced forecast assessment

Do you want to see the potential of advanced forecasting?

Our assessment provides an underpinned insight into the drivers for your demand and the forecast accuracy that can be reached with driver-based forecasting. We evaluate your overall demand planning capabilities and maturity level as well as to highlight gaps between demand planning best practices.

  • Assess business characteristics & dynamics
  • As-is mapping on demand planning organization, process and tools
  • Discover the demand drivers
  • Simulate driver-based forecasting
  • Evaluate performance and uncover the potential of advanced forecasting.


Driver-based forecasting app

Don’t have a planning tool and are you looking for a light-weight, yet powerful, specialized forecasting application?

We got you covered! Our app includes a set of advanced forecasting models that enable you to generate a driver-based forecast. Based on historical data and demand drivers it determines which model best fits the data to create the forecast for future periods.

  • Selection of relevant demand drivers
  • Easy upload of your data into the app
  • Determine best-fit forecast model
  • Run driver-based forecast
  • User friendly & 24/7 support
  • An affordable investment

Advanced forecasting as a service

Is your planning tool not delivering results and not able to adapt to rapidly changing dynamics?

Planning Services offers advanced forecasting as a service. That is proven driver-based forecasting that can be easily connected to running APS and ERP systems.

  • Set-up secured exchange of data for all demand drivers
  • Configurable analytics plugins
  • Run end-to-end process & system tests
  • Run driver-based forecast
  • Process guidance and expertise to optimize the demand planning processes
  • Hands-on support for continuous improvement
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