In today’s fast-changing business world, a supply chain transformation strategy must be tailored to your unique business needs to be effective. Avoid the allure of fleeting trends; concentrate on the core drivers of your transformation. 

Join our invite-only networking event to connect with fellow supply chain directors, refine your transformation strategies, and lead the change with confidence.

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Event program

These networking events serve as a prime opportunity for networking, knowledge exchange, and gaining in-depth actionable insights from industry peers.

08:30 Registration & coffee
Unveiling the Future of planning
In this interactive opening, we’re exploring the future of supply chain planning and forecasting. We’ll gather insights from EyeOn’s vision, industry survey, and your own perspectives to envision what’s ahead and what it’ll take to get there.
Tony Chocolonely – Fast Planning for E2E SC controlPresenter: Manon de Bree – Chief of Staff
Tony Chocolonely is a Dutch impact company that makes chocolate with the mission to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. Tony’s created a roadmap, consisting of three pillars, that outlines their long-term goals. As Tony’s expands, their supply chain becomes more complex, presenting them with new challenges in supply chain planning. In response, Tony’s made the strategic decision to invest in enhancing their demand and supply planning processes, implementing Jedox as their planning tool. In this session, Manon de Bree, Tony’s Chocolonely’s Chief of Staff, will tell us about their journey and unveiling the plans for the future.
12:15 Networking lunch & Experience EyeOn
Get familiar with EyeOn’s newest products to boost your forecasting performance, reduce inventory levels, drive planning efficiency, and enhance your planning team’s skills.
Plan smart: humans matter!
Machine Learning and AI revolutionize our planning tools by analyzing data, learning from the past, and improving forecasts. Despite human biases, us humans still contribute value. Supply chain planning involves real-world decision-making, requiring both automation and a holistic view to address sometimes irrational scenarios.
DS Smith going End-to-End Digital
Presenter: Hervé Colleaux – Transformation & Delivery Director
DS Smith
is a leading provider of sustainable paper packaging solutions. Currently DS Smith is running a digital transformation program to optimize their End-to-End supply chain in terms of responsiveness, reliability, and costs. In this presentation DS Smith will share how they defined their future target operating model and the design of their future planning solution.
16.15 Drinks & networking
We will end the day with some drinks. A great opportunity to evaluate the day with your peers.

Date and location


  • Date: October 12, 2023
  • Region: Breda, The Netherlands – venue details will be shared after registration
  • Timing: 08.30 – 17.00

Participating in EyeOns networking events is on invite only.  

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