How to develop your planning team and attract talent

Companies have become aware that in order to understand and be able to deal with intricate and erratic markets, they need high-quality planning. Performed by well-educated and highly skilled planners. And talent is hard to find. Supply chains face severe labor shortages and a war on talent.

Turn your challenge into an opportunity for future success. Our experts recommend the following actions to grow excellent planning teams:


Offer role-based learning and training

Ensure retention. Grow the skills of your current forecasting and planning professionals (on both operational and managerial level). Reflect on latest academic frameworks and industry best practices. Train them how to define and execute sustainable improvements themselves to increase quality, speed and effectiveness in planning processes.


Develop next generation planning capabilities

Data is all around us. Applying data science to planning and forecasting helps to make better decisions, faster. Prepare your organization for smart-touch planning processes, in which data scientists leverage advanced techniques where it adds value. And planners are enabled to focus on key products where their expertise is most needed and has the highest impact.


Consider outsourcing business processes

Connecting with specialized external parties in process execution is an attractive alternative to improve forecasting and planning performance, increase process efficiency and relieve worries on missing advanced analytics skills. Grab business benefits immediately while your in-house planning capability grows steadily due to training and on-the-job coaching.


Boost your teams with interim professionals

Are your own planners overloaded? Are you in the middle of an organizational transition and in need of temporary additional planning power? Skilled and experienced interim planners help you deal with your operational planning challenges to get back on track again.


We are here for you!

EyeOn’s experts offer masterclasses for forecasting and planning professionals (on both operational and managerial level). Check our curriculum for dates and classes!
Or outsource activities to our Planning Services. Find out how advanced analytics as-a-service can lighten your load instantly!

This is the time to build resilient, agile, and sustainable supply chains, maximizing the benefits of the digitalization and advanced analytics.



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