Understanding essentials with better insight and tools

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, has two main functional areas, Global Ortho (GO) and Global Surgery (GS). GS is specialized in the creation of medical devices for hospitals, where specialists can order custom made surgery packages from MDD. EyeOn provided (on interim base) a ‘global platform owner & project manager insight’. Insight is the project to create an analytical environment where supply chain professionals and management can analyze data and key performance indicators (KPI’s) like:

  • Forecast accuracy
  • Inventory
  • On time in full (OTIF)
  • Line item fill rate (LIFR)

The platform enables the business to answer questions to reduce inventory and increase the availability for the customers. Combining several data sources around the world (mainly ERP) and collecting, cleansing and storing data to be used by the analytical platform Tableau. The assignment focused on extending functionality of the dashboards, increasing the data accuracy across all sources and improving user acceptance of this analytical platform.

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