Implementation of full global S&OP process

Manufacturers of capital investment goods deliver often turn-key solutions to their customers. These solutions are in most cases uniquely designed, engineered, manufactured, and installed to the customer’s requirements.

The S&OP process and functionality should cater to the material- and capacity requirements not only for procurement and manufacturing but also for engineering and installations/ service.


About the company

One of our customers, a € 1.5 Bln leading global manufacturer of animal processing equipment, wanted to implement a full global S&OP process to support their international growth, whilst ensuring a high customer service level and reliable delivery times.


The project

EyeOn implemented the newly designed S&OP process for ‘engineer to order’ companies, by embedding a strict monthly planning cycle drumbeat, encompassing the full global demand planning process, supply planning process, and the executive S&OP process. The supply planning covers the engineering capacity, production capacity, installation capacity utilization, and the Executive S&OP process.

Key in these processes is connecting the customer project elements to the product- and capacity requirements per department.

For the implementation, we dedicated a lot of attention to change management, by working with a global cross-functional planning network and the rollout in ‘sprints’.


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