Insights into S&OP forecast assumption changes for Amgen

About Amgen

Amgen Canada applies science and innovation to help fight serious illness and dramatically improve people’s lives. With main operations located in Mississauga’s vibrant biomedical cluster, and a research facility in Burnaby, British Columbia, Amgen’s Canadian affiliate has been an important contributor to Canada’s biotechnology sector since 1991.



The challenge

Forecasting the medicine demand is a cross-functional job. Some medicines are in a development phase, others are in clinical test and others are waiting for official approval or insurance contract agreement or market share expectations have changed.

It’s important to understand the assumptions and the impact these have on the forecast of the active pharmaceutical ingredients and the package form. Production lead times are often very long and out-of-stock situations are having a huge impact on patients depending on the medicines. This requires a better understanding and buildup of the forecast elements and their evolution in time.


The project

To keep an overview of the historical forecast assumption changes, and the forecast evolution, it is required to keep track of the assumptions in a structured way. EyeOn created a database and easy input method that allows for keeping track of all forecast assumption changes. This in the end supports the Sales and Operations planning process, it makes data collection much easier, faster, more efficient, and more robust. A big step forward in the forecast process for Amgen Canada.


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