Scrutinizing processes and systems for BioMarin

About BioMarin

BioMarin is a global pioneer in the innovative development, production, and marketing of biopharmaceuticals for rare, genetically transmitted diseases. As part of its ongoing quest for best-in-class excellence in modern therapies, the company recognizes the importance of moving forward across the board.



The challenge

Consequently, the organization encourages the scrutinization of its processes. An internal audit exposed short-term and non-integrated problems as well as the challenges specific to APS.


The project

To tackle these areas, an organization-wide project focusing on assessing planning processes, knowledge, systems, and data was launched. Through deploying specific pharmaceutical APS planning experience in multiple workshops and interview settings, the breaches in the most important areas were brought to light. Reviews of clinical demand and supply planning as well as the specific challenges exclusive to clinical planning delivered a clear overview for the road ahead.

The validation of findings and their alignment with planning stakeholders took place in deep-dive workshops, producing an unequivocal list of themes to work on and introducing the mindset required for the implementation of APS.



These serious advances support the work of BioMarin’s dedicated employees in their pursuit of the knowledge that has such a positive impact on patients’ lives.


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