Tracking projects with dashboarding

Visualizing project tracking in a dashboard

Project planning requires an eye for detail while simultaneously tracking the success of your overall planning. By visually comparing the planned versus earned status on a weekly basis, you can easily track the development of your project in a dashboard and how to stir it in the right direction. Questions regarding the project performance are answered in one click by using an interactive project tracking dashboard created in Power BI.

This demo gives visual insights into the process of the project. Dive into the engineering, procurement, and fabrication phases, and further explore the engineering developments by vendor and the fabrication developments by department.

Not able to see the dashboard? Try using a different browser (Chrome is the preferred browser) or download a PDF of the dashboard here.


What is the performance of the project?

The overall performance page in the project tracking dashboard shows us that the developments are not going as planned. Unfortunately, the project has dealt with some major delays since June 2019. A new forecast was made and used as a new guideline in planning. According to the forecast SPI score, the fabrication phase is still far behind schedule. SPI, short for the schedule performance index is a measure of how close the project is to being completed compared to the schedule. As a ratio, it is calculated by dividing the earned value, by the planned value. For example, an SPI of 1 indicates the project is right on schedule, above 1 the project is exceeding the planning and below 1 the project is lacking behind.

Let’s dive into engineering progress. The data is gathered for two vendors that should provide the engineering documents. Company Y is lacking behind and slowing the progress down. If you click on company Y in the table, you’ll see the S-curve for this company. The curve is flat for the last few days in January 2020, even though this company needed to catch up to the plan in early December.

Procurement is performing better and follows the curves closely. In the left graph below the s-curve graph some procurement packages status are displayed. Hover over the bars for more details on the status. The graph to the right gives additional insight on which procurement packages are most delayed.

The fabrication progress page shows the problem areas within the departments. Looking at the SPI scores by department, compared to the reference line, the electrical department is most strongly underperforming (below 0.5). This department has made no progress at this point. The first focus of the planning is to get the electrical department started.


Dashboard tool

This dashboard is made in Power BI and uses data from Primavera as planning tool. Power BI is one of the strongest reporting tools in the industry (2020) and it provides flexibility to add specific views for further insights. This makes the analysis easy and fast. Other data sources or reporting tools can also be used to get useful insights.


Ready to optimize your project tracking with dashboarding?

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