A data-backed forecast optimization roadmap for 5 Pietercil Delby brands with EyeOn Fast Forecast Scan

About Pietercil Delby’s

Pietercil Delby’s, a dedicated full-service FMCG distributor, aims to support ambitious brands in achieving local success. Managing a diverse portfolio of over 90 brands across four countries, they have played a key role in facilitating their clients’ growth in various markets.


The challenge

As part of Pietercil’s vision for sustained business growth through brand acquisitions, one of their strategic objectives is to identify inefficiencies in their current operational setup and make necessary improvements to achieve operational excellence. A key component of this transformation journey has been the adoption of the advanced planning tool, Anaplan. 

Through applying their new way of working into practice, several potential improvement opportunities within their demand planning process came to light. In Pietercil’s Fresh Business division, the acquisition of multiple new brands, coupled with significant weekly variations in the demand, led them to consider whether transitioning from a monthly to a weekly forecasting setup could enhance overall accuracy.


The project

To test this assumption, Kim Allaert, Group Operations Manager at Pietercil Delby’s, sought assistance from EyeOn. The EyeOn Fast Forecast Scan turned out to be the ideal way to quickly and cost-effectively assess their current demand planning set up, as it provides rapid insights into the effectiveness of different forecasting logic, quantifying the improvement potential. 

The outcomes of the Fast Scan helped Pietercil Delby’s to identify, for all of their Fresh Business brands, which forecasting setup and parameters would yield the best results in terms of accuracy. Since the Fast Scan provided Pietercil with data-backed evidence in favor of weekly buckets, it gave them confidence in their decision to change their forecasting setup. 

As the Fast Scan provided the Pietercil team with a clear overview of the most effective parameters, it facilitated a smooth and rapid implementation of the findings into Anaplan.



Conducting the EyeOn Fast Scan assisted Pietercil Delby’s in: 

  • Efficiently and cost-effectively testing their assumption regarding the most optimal demand planning setup for their fresh business division. 
  • Providing them with the confidence to revise the forecast parameters for five different brands. 
  • Achieving a smooth implementation of these findings in Anaplan, thanks to the precise parameters provided by the Fast Scan.



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