Order to delivery process optimization

Often companies struggle with maintaining their quality of service, especially when facing a crisis like Covid-19. EyeOn embraces facing new challenges with passion and motivation, putting the client’s needs first and understanding root causes.

Our client in this project is a leader in agricultural and food ingredients; an industry notorious for short lead times (in days) and high volumes. The challenge they were facing includes an overall reduction of efficiency losses, setting up a robust production plan, as well as finding an optimal run size.

EyeOn excels in providing quick and effective solutions. Our experience in different markets and our excellent skills in developing accurate forecasts is the key to solving issues like the one at hand. The focus in this project was to implement a make-to-stock (MTS), as all orders were processed as make-to-order (MTO). Towards that purpose, the optimal inventory settings of the new MTS items were calculated using a none conventional approach. This was necessary due to the range of orders:

  • Single customer, big order
  • Many customers, many small orders

The results

Overall this project netted an increase of over 8% in productivity together with a reduction in lead time of up to 2 days. Also providing the tools to create a reliable production plan with fewer interventions.

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