How data-driven decision-making enabled Nunner Logistics to maximize efficiency as 3PL provider

About Nunner Logistics

As a recognized international Logistics Service Provider, Nunner Logistics needs to achieve high service levels, have adequate response times, and timely processing of the workload for all the customers daily. For Meindert de Louw – Director Contract Logistics at Nunner Logistics, planning the workforce effectively and managing the warehouse capacity is critical to achieving service level agreements and realizing positive bottom-line results. 

The challenge

Nunner Logistics faced the challenge of needing more than just short-term flexibility to effectively respond to supply disruptions, demand fluctuations, and market changes. Nunner Logistics did receive a short-term forecast but struggled to use and translate the forecast to the needs for daily operations and have a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to quickly adapt to changes into an operational plan. So, a lot of data was available, but without a structured dashboard and continuous planning process, it was not possible to leverage the data for decision-making. 


The project

Nunner needed to be able to absorb demand and supply pressure without uncontrolled short-term costs. Nunner therefore asked EyeOn to support on two streams:  

  1. Design and implement tactical forecasting & planning processes including Workforce Planning, Rough-Cut Capacity Planning, and Production Planning. 
  2. Build and implement performance management dashboards as a solid foundation to steer the business and respond quickly to changes.  

Within a throughput time of 3 months, both streams were built. The monthly, weekly, and daily planning processes were designed and implemented. The new planning process has shifted its focus towards the mid-term horizon, utilizing forecasts to better grasp operational requirements, and implementing a Plan-Do-Check-Act approach to adapt to changes. 

This enables Nunner Logistics to make timely decisions on scaling the workforce according to changes in demand or freeing up storage space to keep an efficient process in the warehouse. This helps Nunner to prevent short-term issues before they arise. 


Having a single source of truth to manage and steer decision-making is crucial to accomplish business excellence. EyeOn supported Nunner Logistics with the design and implementation of performance management dashboards in Power BI. The central data model, replacing standalone data sources, was created based on the performance measurement needs & key performance indicators.  

The new dashboards measure the operational, commercial, and financial performance on multiple time and activity granularities, including Key Performance Indicators. The automated dashboards help Nunner to identify if the actual workload deviates from the planned workload, spot under- or overperformance compared to productivity targets, and monitor (key) performance indicators that impact the overall performance. All this helps to focus where it matters and adds structural value for Nunner and its client. 


Nunner logisitics testimonial EyeOn

Interested in how EyeOn can help you set up the structure needed for data-driven decision-making? 

Get in touch with us to learn how EyeOn can help you set up performance management dashboards and improve overall decision-making. If you want further insights into the Nunner case, contact Sander de Groot, one of the leading consultants on this project.    

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