How Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine closed the gap between Plan and Execution by standardizing & automating master data review

Customer profile

Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine, one of the top three pharmaceutical companies globally, employs over 40,000 people worldwide and is active in 150 countries. Together with the Johnson & Johnson GPEX and Digital Team and with the continued support of Bert Jacobs, Joao Viegas, Can Unal, and cross-functional business leaders (planning, quality, make, deliver) we developed a globally scalable tool and standardized review process that delivered solid results.


The challenge

In the context of an ongoing planning transformation journey with the global roll-out of OMP, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine acknowledged the need for a standardized, dynamic, and time-efficient review of its Planning Sensitive Parameters (PSP). This set of parameters is the backbone of planning in OMP. A lack of master data control and quality can lead to a disconnect between Planning and Execution and render the plan unreliable.

Across the manufacturing sites, there was no standardized process in place for updating planning sensitive parameters. Without the right data definitions, governance processes, and tools, Johnson & Johnson was struggling to proactively maintain accurate planning master data for an increasing supply chain scope. 


The project

In close collaboration with the global planning excellence, operational planning, and digital teams we took several steps to create a robust process and tool for updating PSPs. As a starting point, we worked on defining a clear strategy: 

  1. The PSP vision (where to go). 
  2. The scope (for which parameters and their definitions). 
  3. The roadmap (how to get there).

In turn, EyeOn supported with the implementation following a define & develop – operationalize & scale approach: 

  • Define & develop 
    • Data discovery, analysis, and integration of transactional master data coming from SAP and MES sources. 
    • Designing a standardized process to update planning master data based on alerts.  
    • Co-designing and supervising development with the Johnson & Johnson digital team of the PSP Control Tower (an alert management tool that automates the review of planning parameters by proposing new master data values and facilitates the final approval of the change via a workflow tool).  
  • Operationalize & scale 
    • Supporting change management to ensure the adoption of the process and tool.  
    • Outlining a target operating model to enable sustainable use and ability to facilitate improvements. 
    • Supporting the scale out of the deployment to an increasing scope in the organization




EyeOn is supporting Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine in its PSP journey by developing and implementing a globally scalable tool and standardized review process for updating Planning Sensitive Parameters.  This has to date already resulted in the following quantitative and qualitative business benefits: 

  • Created an efficiency gain within the review process throughput (reduced 10 times).  
  • Harmonized planning parameter definitions and ways of working across sites/departments and lanes. 
  • Actionable insights supporting cross-functional stakeholders (planning, operations, quality) 
  • Improvement of planning master data quality and a positive impact on plan adherence 
  • Inventory reduction and reduction of supply risks


Interested in how EyeOn can help you develop a standardized & automated master data review? 

Contact our end-to-end transformation lead Bart Paridaen to learn how EyeOn can help you in improving your master data quality. If you want further insights into the Johnson & Johnson case, contact Kimon Fragkos, one of the leading consultants on this project.    

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