End-to-end planning transparency

EyeOn’s ongoing forecast services provides a weekly update of all Tableau reports, whereas in the past forecasts and production plans were only sporadically shared. Moreover, in case of unforeseen shortages, decision making can be executed very fast as there is one source of truth which can be accesses by all stakeholders. Etos International is a commercial success and we are happy to have contributed to this success from a planning point-of-view.

“At Ahold Delhaize we believe we can enrich the life of our customers with our Etos brand products in every state of their life. To do so, good availability of our products in our stores, across Europe and cross banner, is very important. To minimize the risk of out of stocks, it was important that every party in the supply chain had end-to-end supply chain visibility. We are happy that with our tool we are able to share these insights with our suppliers and are able to take action based on alerts. We are planning to increase the amount of suppliers in the tool now in order to increase product availability all across Europe.”

Lars Krommendijk – Manager Supply Chain Tactics, Etos

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