Enable vaccine ramp up through APS roll out

The Janssen Vaccines Launch Facility, part of Janssen Pharmaceutical, is at the center of the development and ramp up of Janssen’s vaccines.

In the past years Janssen has deployed end-to-end planning capability for their Large Molecule and Small Molecule by implementing integrated planning on the OMP advanced planning system (APS).

The Vaccines Launch Facility, looking at a steep ramp up of required manufacturing output, needed to be able to identify and address bottlenecks, develop fast scenarios and integrate with departments and suppliers delivering key components.

EyeOn conducted an APS assessment to verify the fit of the current capabilities of the APS solution to the VLF site. As the tool was already available the main gaps were identified on the areas of adopting planning-to-execution processes, building master data and training of users.

In order to bring VLF on the OMP platform quickly the project chose a ‘first move, then improve’ approach. EyeOn led the execution of this project and supported the OMP configuration, the creation and testing of the required master data and go-live readiness. Within 4 months VLF implemented their Excel based planning into OMP smoothly, prior the start of the production of the first COVID-19 vaccine runs.

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