Developing precise management tools

Companies sometimes face difficulties to make the necessary changes to their planning, the execution or in the control of processes. EyeOn can provide the support, companies in the process industry call for, to accurately manage their processes. Towards that purpose, EyeOn consultants first establish an evaluation of the company’s “starting point”, allowing our consultants to identify challenges and achievable goals. This starting point constitutes the first brick upon which improvements will be made.

In this project, our client is one of the leading companies in agricultural and food ingredients, part of one the biggest privately held companies in the world. EyeOn was able to provide such an insight. By taking into account client-specific details and evaluating the situation, we are able to establish a clear action plan. We focus not only on providing key solutions to the clients, but always (when requested) follow-up with concrete implementations. These include:

  • Developing an order book management across the client’s company
  • Setting up a continuous improvement-based order process for the internal flow
  • Configuring MRP and optimizing parameters

The results

The outcomes of our service resulted in an increase in service level’s structure (the highest in the last three years). The frequency of escalation from sales and product line management to supply chain was reduced. The internal communication between the different supply chain domains was improved (for Customer Service, Planning, Logistics, Sourcing and Execution). Finally, an important change milestone that was implemented resulted in a general shift in mindset, following the improvement Kaizen (initiating projects from the bottom-up).

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