Capacity planning

Visualizing your project’s capacity

In the current market, supply chain disruptions are putting strains on production networks across the globe. As a result, proper capacity visibility is becoming increasingly important and pivotal for businesses.

A common error companies tend to make, is to under or overestimate capacity, operating under the assumption that they are performing at their maximum rate. However, in several of these instances, they are lacking the proper visibility to make the correct decisions or take the correct opportunities to continue driving success.


Capacity reporting

Capacity is crucial to properly quantify the number of resources being used, the resources remaining, and the opportunity to use such unused resources. These are the exact three aspects this dashboard enables you and your company to visualize.

Within successful companies, these three elements come together within a robust capacity planning strategy to ensure demand can be fulfilled as planned. While this may sound simple, the creation of a robust capacity-planning strategy is both an art and a science.

The goal of this capacity dashboard is to ensure businesses can visualize their past, current, and future capacity and enable them to perform at their actual fullest.


Not able to see the dashboard? Try using a different browser (Chrome is the preferred browser) or download a PDF of the dashboard.


The dashboard

This dashboard is made in Power BI and uses data from Primavera as a planning tool. Power BI is one of the strongest reporting tools in the industry (2021) and it provides flexibility to add specific views for further insights. This makes the analysis easy and fast. Other data sources or reporting tools can also be used to get useful insights.


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