Work-life balance as a business consultant

An employee story by Willem Gerbecks

I started working at EyeOn more than 5 years ago. I had just become a dad a couple of months earlier and was planning to move back again to the beautiful south of the Netherlands. Five years later, I have already done more than 20 projects at different companies within the consumer products industry and in the meantime became a dad for the second time. EyeOn has grown a lot since then and I am happy to see starters bringing new expertise on data science to EyeOn. Over the past years I have gradually taken over more senior roles in projects and I am now also coaching juniors that recently started at EyeOn.

Currently, I am in the lead of two new projects. One of them is Kaemingk, a world leader in the distribution of home accessories and decorative products.

After two years of working remote, I really like that we have face-to-face contact with customers again. I see how it not only gives positive energy to myself, but also to our customers. Of course, travelling to customers comes with a price. However, as an expert in planning, I am able to keep a close partnership with our customers while maintaining a healthy work-life balance . For example, each second Thursday I have a gym class with my oldest son, who goes to special school for children with a multiple communicative disorder. EyeOn gives me the opportunity to plan my work flexibly, so it’s possible for me to spend important time with my son.

Willem Gerbecks, business consultantMy favorite part of working for EyeOn is the variety of people that you work with. From Monday to Thursday, I am either working at Croy castle and see my data science and Planning Services colleagues often, or I am working at customers and work together with my colleagues from the consumer products team. And on Fridays I work half a day from home, then do my weekly running practice, before picking up the kids from school.

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Willem Gerbecks, business consultant



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