Understanding the environmental impact of supply chain decisions

90% of companies expect to have aligned sustainability and business targets within the next five years. An efficient and sustainable supply chain plays an important role in achieving this goal. The first step to success is creating awareness within your organization and understanding the dynamics of a supply chain, and the environmental impact of supply chain decisions.

Increase internal awareness of the environmental impact of the supply chain

At EyeOn, we have developed an interactive business game that allows your team to develop a better understanding of the connection between supply chain planning and sustainability in a fun and interactive way.

brainstorm, business game, decision, ideaThe business game focuses on showcasing how you can prevent waste and obsoletes using insights. Within the game, the player will explore dynamically the effects that factors such as forecast, production, and inventory management have on managing obsoletes. In the course of the game, the players will become more aware of the impact that supply chain decisions have on the environment. They will learn how visual insights can help them reduce this impact.

The experience will ultimately allow the player to choose an optimal solution that balances economic profit, environmental impact, and service level. This game can act as a stepping stone to generate conscience and understanding of the dynamics between planning and sustainability and will bring us closer to a more sustainable future.

Ready to play?

Participants will work together, leveraging their unique skills and expertise, to overcome sustainability challenges and achieve shared sustainability goals. By enhancing communication and fostering strong relationships, your project team will emerge as a unified force, driving positive
change and delivering sustainable outcomes.

Our supply chain sustainability game is the perfect platform to kickstart your journey towards a greener and more responsible supply chain. Participants will be immersed in the world of sustainable supply chains, where they will face real-world scenarios and make critical decisions.

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