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An employee story by Bas Ramaekers


When I think back to my first weeks as consultant Planning Services at EyeOn in September, it feels like yesterday. The time just passed without me noticing it. Yet, simultaneously, it feels like I have been at EyeOn for years now, due to how familiar I am with the company and my fellow colleagues and how many experiences I have already shared with them.
The first week was onboarding. We started with a group of new hires and together discovered more about the company. We had meetings with all the business leads, projects lead and of course the partners. Additionally, I had one-on-one meetings with all of my team members, including my buddy. It was nice to have the time to get to know all the activities of the company straight on and not just focus on my own activities. Luckily, the onboarding was mostly offline for me, at our beautiful office within Croy Castle.


Besides the onboarding, EyeOn has a lot of informal activities to bond. For example, we participated in a sport challenge with the entire company. Furthermore, with the Planning Services team, we had a team-building-day in our office in Amsterdam. During the day, we shared our best practices and strategized about potential improvements of our team. We ended the day with an activity and a dinner. Moreover, in November, we had our Internal Product Innovation Day. During this day, we pitch all our ideas to our colleagues to progress them into new insights or actionable plans. After the formal program, we received a training flip-thinking (omdenken in Dutch) and experienced Amaze in Amsterdam.


Bas Ramaekers consultant at Planning ServicesAs consultant I get to work on challenging projects with innovative customers. At the moment, I work for two pharmaceutical companies with a complex globalized supply chain. For them, I run monthly services that help them visualize their performance. It allows them to take coordinated action, improve and measure their improvement over time. Personally, it gives me great satisfaction when I can turn millions of datapoints into understandable information that everyone can process.


When I have spare time during the week, I help with the development of our plug-ins. At EyeOn, we use plug-ins to automate iterative tasks. For instance, we have a plug-in that allows us to test various forecasting models against each other and pick the best ones. For me, development of plug-ins is an excellent way to get used to the software and the way of working at EyeOn. Besides being useful for our clients, it helps me to get a better understanding of the underlying logic and assumptions.


All in all, I think I acclimatized very well and I hope that I can continue doing what I love at EyeOn for many more months and years to come!!

Bas Ramaekers, consultant at EyeOn Planning Services

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