Trade promotions management – From margin drain to profit generator

On April 12, EyeOn and visualfabriq hosted a first joined inspiration session on trade promotion management, from margin drain to profit generator. At the EyeOn offices in Antwerp, Belgium we had a fruitful day with inspiring and thought-provoking discussions.

André Vriens from EyeOn started the day by looking at how the FMCG market is changing and how data can have an impact for a company. By looking at several data challenges, we also saw that there are ways to transform these into opportunities. The role of the ‘machine’ in this transformation will become increasingly important, so Carst Vaartjes (visualfabriq) showed us how artificial intelligence can and will bring more benefit from the business data we already have. Although, applying AI must be done gradually, the time to act is now. While 94% of all promotions tend to increase volumes, only 63% also generate extra sales value and a mere 25% give you extra profit. Joris Monchen (visualfabriq) closed off the day by demonstrating the practical way of how visualfabriq allows you to improve the performance of your promotions.

The main message of the day: Learn from the past and impact your business now!

All participants were unanimous on the ability of the ‘machine’ to get more out of our data and were conscious about the balance that they need to find between human and machine.

If you want to know more, please find the presentation of the day here below. Get more inspiration on the visualfabriq website, read the EyeOn TPM leaflets below or get in touch with André Vriens or Erik de Vos.

Presentations of the day
Intro EyeOn and visualfabriq
A market view on data challenges and opportunities – André Vriens (EyeOn)
Applied AI: Data & the machine – Carst Vaartjes (visualfabriq)
How will visualfabriq deliver your business case? – Joris Monchen (visualfabriq)

Product leaflets Trade Promotion Management
– Promotion forecast scan
– Promotion planning
– Trade promotion management

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