The independence of working at EyeOn

An employee story by Zoë Connell


EyeOn’s core values are drive to deliver, positive energy, independence, no nonsense, and thought leadership.

As a data scientist in the Planning Services team, all these values are very recognizable in my day-to-day work. If I would have to choose the most important one for me, it would be independence. This core value is embedded throughout the company in different forms. Many people will immediately think of working anywhere, anytime, but it’s not limited to that.

For me personally, independence also means setting out your own desired growth journey for the upcoming years both in terms of projects and trainings. Freedom to define your personal core values in a trajectory, sharing knowledge inside and outside the organization and getting inspired by others at interesting events or in different positions.

Zoë ConnellNext to my work at EyeOn, I’ve been a part-time lecturer at Fontys for the last six months to improve my presenting and teaching skills, which has been an incredible experience.

Thanks to my students, colleagues at Fontys, and colleagues at EyeOn!

Zoë Connell, Data Scientist at EyeOn Planning Services

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